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  • Review: The Puppet Record

    20 December 2015, 15:12 UTC

    The Puppet Record by ML Candelario is a science fiction novel about a futuristic human society living in concert with a biologically more advanced race of Yawm. Human-Yawm relations are tense, especially due to the Yawm ability of telepathy, reminding the reader of current diversity issues in human society. A galaxy-wide problem arises which has human and Yawm parents severely upset and itching for someone to blame. This story follows the journey of one ship on a mission to solve the central mystery and specifically the protagonist, Joey, a mere mechanic and drug addict, on the way to restoring the trust between the two species. The ending is sure to leave the reader reminiscent about current political debates and hopefully carries a moral for most in the topic of diversity.

    Overall, the characters and plot in this work create a continually interesting story; I would definitely classify it as a page-turner. Science fiction buffs will be a bit surprised at the nearly empty Milky Way; it is one of few books which assume a rarity of intelligent life in other systems. A deity and religion, somewhat forgotten by the masses but embraced by a few, is reminiscent of the force in Star Wars, though without the psychokinesis.

  • "So all my comrades asked me to release"

    10 September 2015, 00:09 UTC

    the gift hound I'd received: his name was Laelaps.

    For some time now, he'd strained against the leash--

    his neck was tugging hard. I set him free--

    and we lost sight of him, such was his speed:

    the warm dust showed the imprint of his feet,

    but Laelaps' self was nowhere to be seen.

    No pellet from a sling, no slender shaft

    sent flying from a Cretan bow, no lance

    has ever flown more swiftly than Laelaps.

    The Metamorphoses of Ovid, Book VII, pp. 240-1, Translated by Allen Madelbaum

  • It's Been a While

    30 May 2015, 18:05 UTC

    I've kind of neglected this blog, but here's a new post.

    I got a job at IBM for the summer and bought a motorcycle: a 2001 BMW F650GS. There's only one more year left of undergrad at NC State, and then grad school somewhere yet to be determined. Tests and school applications will keep me busy during the next year. I will miss Raleigh, but it will have been 6 years total living here by that point, and that's a nice long time to get a good feel for anywhere.

    Hopefully the next post won't take quite as long. shipit